About Me

“My hobby is collecting hobbies”

That pretty much sums me up. 🙂

In my day job I’m a help desk technician, and in my off hours I do website building/computer consulting.  A lot of people wouldn’t consider computer related jobs as “art” but I’d have to disagree.  To me art is about creating something from “nothing”.  It’s what drives me, and makes me seek out new things to learn.  If I’m not doing something, I get bored.  Hence why I have a lot of hobbies.

I can go cross stitching one minute, to building websites the next.  It’s like I can give myself a break from one thing, but yet still work on something else.  Plus, taking a break works wonders on the brain.

Most everything in my portfolio is something I can recreate so if you find something that interests you, shoot me off an email and we’ll talk.